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  1. INFP or INFJ? Struggling between these two. Any wise insights welcomed!

    What's my personality type?
    Dear All, I'm in the topic of MBTI for few weeks now and still not sure about my type. Finally, I got stuck between INFJ and INFP. I try to get directly into the root cases. INFJ pros: - Ni - Spaced-out could be my second name:o) This is with me from beginning of my life. As I always...
  2. A neverending quest. INFP vs INFJ

    What's my personality type?
    Hey all! I’ve been interested in personality type and cognitive functions for quite some time now, but I am still confused when it comes to my type. I’ve thought myself to be ISFP, INFP and INFJ. In tests I always get INFP, but it never felt quite right. I feel more at home in the INFJ forum...