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  1. [ENFP] How to get through the boring parts? And looking for self-employed advice!

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    Ideally, no part worth doing would be boring. But in reality, I find my passion towards the things I care about to wane very quickly. This is most prevalent in my writing life, and I do try to push through the lulls where it's become routine (get up at around this time every day, write this many...
  2. [INFP] Writing Inspiration and Ideas

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Hey guys, I was wondering, for INFP writers, how and where do you get the most inspiration and ideas? I find I am most creative and inspired when listening to music. It feels like each song has a certain amount of 'creative juice' in it. Some have more, some have less. Like some songs will...
  3. [INFP] Hit me with your favorite quotes!

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I don't really have quotes that I like, so share some of yours! Break me with an inspiring/enlightening word!
  4. Faith

    Faith is the invisible spirit, which beckons and inspires us to do great deeds. It is a belief without proof, a conviction of truth. It leads, it nurtures, it inspires the mind. The certainty, loyalty which we devote to this clear sighted guide, transpires in showing us the way, in this ever...
  5. Honour

    Great is the virtue of honour. It excels in its beauty, has clarity of purpose, the simplest vision and is able to hold many spellbound. For some it is a code of conduct, for others it is a promise kept and many see it as the difference between right and wrong. It is like a white horse statue...
  6. Hope

    Your destiny is immutable. You and I see the moon and beyond, the glistening stars that say, the universe is yours, the challenge for tomorrow, is the destiny within, that is awaiting, a clarity that bespeaks a yearning for a greater future, a shining light for all to see. That shining light is...
  7. [ENTP] Any ENTP artists & photographers? Open gallery!

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Come one, come all! I did a quick search and couldn't find a similar thread for ENTPs but let me know if there is one :) I recently helped out a week long event just painting, showcasing artworks and teaching people how to draw/paint. I thought I could bring it here, bounce ideas off each...
  8. [ENFP] How do Inspirers Inspire?

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    Hey, I'm brand spanking new to the forum, but I have some questions to my fellow Inspirers: What does inspiration mean to you? What inspires you the most? What moment, person, or what thing? When have you inspired someone else? What did you do that inspired them? What do you inspire others to...
  9. Post-Modern vs Minimalism Living Spaces [Part 02]

    [This is a two part series, to see part 01 go here: ] The following images are perfect examples of a minimalist office that's a bit more mature and serious versus one that's youthful and light...
  10. I am an ENTP. Why do people often think I am an ENTJ??????!!!!!

    Guess the type
    I am an ENTP - A. I have done the test several times during the last year (since I descovered MBTI). Here are my scores: E: 97%, N: 63%, T: 88%, P: 97%, A: 100% In enneagram I am 7w8. I am pretty by-the-book ENTP. Almost a charicature of the ENTP. It was obvious since I was a kid that I was Ne...
  11. [ENTP] If Money Were Know Object

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    First off, can I change the title I know I fucked up. You should know that I am a highschool student in my senior year trying to make that all too difficult decision of what to do with my life. As an ENTP I believe I would enjoy doing a multitude of things, I'm just not sure which are worth my...
  12. I was recently asked what principals, values, morals, and ethics meant to me.

    I was recently asked what the difference between Principles, Ethics, Morals, and Values meant to me. I have to be honest, it took me a few minutes to think about them separately, while all together... don't think I've done that before. Here's what I came up with, very happy with it. What I...
  13. [Enneagram Type 7] Quotes that Remind You of Type 7

    Type 7 Forum - The Enthusiast
    This thread topic probably already exists, but I couldn't find it! So! It is what it is. The title says it all! The name of the game is to post quotes that remind you of Type 7's. Text is fine, images are better. HAVE FUN! :smile-new:
  14. [ENTP] The Inspiration, Good Feelz Thread

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Akitas are beautiful, powerful, and fearless dogs. Capable of hunting bears. But also known for their legendary loyalty. The true story of Hachikō the Akita, The story of Hachikō, the most revered Akita of all time, helped push the Akita into the international dog world. Hachiko...
  15. [INFP] Loosing my passion?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Hello guys. i know I have been posting a lot of ranty sounding stuff lately but its mostly because i have been pretty much very self aware recently. Ived noticed that for the past couple months I have been slowly loosing my inspiration. My art looks dul and ugly to me . I have a strong sense of...
  16. [ENTP] Ne Flowing

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    So maybe this thread have already been created or something similar although I thought it would be interesting. Let's get to the point, I created this thread for every ENTP or whoever feel welcome to post something inspiring to keep the Ne flowing for ideas, laughs, or just total nonsense, not...
  17. [INFP] Is travelling the best cure for the negative effects of INFPism?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    As with many INFPs, I'm prone to melancholia. One of the issues for me is the whole "living in the future" thing. It's good for introspection and planning for self improvement, but sometimes, I fantasise about ideal scenarios which I know are unrealistic. But it causes me to have expectations...
  18. Happy Memory #246 - Inheritance Excerpt

    “To see where we are headed in the field of personalized genetic nutrition, it might help to know where we got started. If you or someone you love was born after the late 1960s, you’re likely already a beneficiary of it. It all began in the late 1920s with another worried mother. She was a...
  19. [INFP] 'INFP are driven by bursts of inspiration...less able to be diligent...'

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    'INFPs tend to be driven by bursts of inspiration, motivated by high ideals, values and principles, moments of brilliance, but are less able to consistently, diligently, systematically work towards actually achieving a goal.' Sometimes I feel my achievements almost happen very quickly, like I...