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  1. Myers Briggs Forum
    What age? I mean when you got confident in yourself, we never stop caring completely i think... What made you change? What thought pattern? Did you realize how awesome you were or how little anything matters?
  2. Myers Briggs Forum
    I was surprised by the fact that I couldn't find a thread like this, so I'll start it. How do MBTI types relate to the Jedi and Sith? What are the objectives, values, interests, relationships, ideas, tendencies, rules, principles, etc... of the Jedi and Sith in correlation with MBTI types. If...
  3. Myers Briggs Forum
    I just wanted to have a thread for those of us who love the show and all it brings. I am male, but that shouldn't mean I can't enjoy the intelligence and humor that is delivered by such an amazing cast of characters. The dialogue is phenomenal, and the references made have enriched my...
  4. INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Dumb teenagers, smart teenagers? My stepfather used to say: Although you're a very intelligent and smart fella, kids your age in this generation are dumb. Obviously, the aspects of teenagers have changed throughout the decades, but in the elder's perspective, it's becoming worse. With the...
  5. ENTJ Forum - The Executives
    I am very eager to find out how you ENTJ males perceive INFJ females? Did you ever consider them weak for not always expressing their opinion or inadequate because of lack of Te that domineers you? Do you feel like you master over them or are they too mysterious and rebellious for you? Please...
  6. Science and Technology
    Using nanotechnology/synthetic biology, plus the "Artificial Neural Network" concept, we may be able to work out a way to procreate our actual life--right in a laboratory, simply from some base nano-particles. Alright, so, from what we gather about all of this breathtaking new study, we can...
  7. Blog
    Ever feel like people view you the same way you view yourself? Stupid, useless, irritating. From what people tell me, this isn't the case. But I'm pranoid; I worry. I feel as though the things I say just get passed off lIke unwanted luggage (please someone tell me they get the reference I just...
  8. INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    I admire Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), Jimmy Neutron, Brian Cox, and Conan O'Brien. Those have been my television personality role models for the past decade. Conan is not like the other 3, but he is self-deprecating and he helps me feel validated, so I like him. The other 3 are INTJs. Who else...
  9. Science and Technology
    Do advanced races of intelligent beings live in ultra-massive black holes? | MyScienceAcademy :crazy::crazy::crazy:
  10. INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    At the start I used to feel like a fraud when people said this. Then as more and more people said it over time, I realized that I just had a different interpretation of intelligence than they did. What do you consider intelligence to be, is it something that you can define?
  11. Myers Briggs Forum
    Do you think that any specific type is smarter than another, or that people with any specific letter have higher IQ than those with the opposite? Opinions, please, preferably with examples or statistics.
  12. Guess the type
    Hey, guys! Okay, I'm fourteen years old, and I know that I'm either ENTP or INTP. INTP: I prefer not to go to parties. I will spend hours doing research on anything that interests me. I have close friends at school, but I don't like inviting them over, since I like to be alone. My attitude...
  13. General Psychology
    Attached a PDF article about this. Agree / disagree ? Personally, I don't agree. It may be the case for poor countries, but the wealthiest countries enjoy more intellectual freedom.
  14. INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    quotes from the intj logo thread: a few people got a bit excited about all this even though no one at any point was actually claiming that all intj's are intelligent, or even that intjs are by definition more intelligent than anyone else, merely that we possess intelligence...... ....however...
  15. INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    Do you have this experience? How do you deal with it?
  16. INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    Do you ever feel like you have to wait for othes to catch up?
1-17 of 21 Results