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  1. Is Amy Schumer an introvert?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Is Amy Schumer an introvert? I randomly saw an article about this topic today on the internet. On "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" Amy says that she's "classic introvert". Im not really watching her stand-ups, because truthfully she seems very unsympathetic to me, so I don't know much about...
  2. What a Guy...

  3. New show: Myers Briggs with Youtubers!

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hello personalities! First day here on this forum. This forum has helped me so much in my understanding of the MBTI world. Especially when looking up public figures and your opinions of their types. Thank you all folks! I've been making Youtube videos for a while - Mostly crazy pranks and...
  4. [INFP] Need INFP Participants for Interview Assignment

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Hello, I am in need of some participants to answer some interview questions (ca. 11) over PM, for a mini research project I'm doing for one of my classes. It would be ideal if I got between 10 and 12 participants. Naturally, you get to decide to what extent you discuss the topics or if you want...
  5. [INFP] The dreaded job hunt

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Hi fellow INFPs! I noticed that there's a lot of threads about INFP jobs, what our ideal job is like etc., but I wanted to talk about the time before getting the job: the job hunt. To those INFPs who have successfully found a job before: what was it like trying to find a job? Did you find it...
  6. The wonderful guitarist Jesse Cook

    Guess the type
    Has anyone typed this person? :) I have no idea what his type might be. Haven't tried actually typing him, but i have a feeling he might be some kind of a introverted + logical(?) type, but - how do introverted logics work with an audience? - this person seems great with that. Anyway, I just...
  7. [INFP] Do You "Interview Well"?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Apparently I was told by one of my bosses today that I don't "interview well," as in job interviews (I still got hired for the position, as I had been working a different position at the same place for a few years and they know my work quality). I guess my discomfort shows in my body/facial...
  8. [INFJ] Anya Briggs' (INFJ) interview with Peter Slattery (INTJ)

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Humanity's Psychic Awakening: Anya Briggs' (INFJ) interview with Peter (INTJ) You guys might be interested in an INFJ-INTJ interaction video, featuring Anya Briggs (INFJ) and Peter Slattery (INTJ). Peter's website: THE PETER MAXWELL SLATTERY SHOW - Peter Maxwell Slattery - The E.T Contact...
  9. Interviewing Introverts

    General Psychology
    So I've been looking for a roommate and there have been a few people coming over individually to inspect my apartment. I took the opportunity to get try to get to know the potential tenants to see if I'd be compatible living with them, but I've come across a problem I'm not sure how to deal...
  10. Robert Plant

    Guess the type
    This is a long interview...but feel free to tune into a random part for like 5 minutes and experience the awesomeness that is Robert Plant :) What type do you think he is? I think he's probably an INFP or ENFP. Most likely an NF of some kind.
  11. What is the personality type of the best interviewer? Types suited for journalism

    Myers Briggs Forum
    -What would be the type or types that the best interviewers are made of. Interviewers that can offer the best interviews without much preparation, on the spot. -What types would be the best for the best critics: restaurants, architectural, etc. -What are the three types that make the best...
  12. [ENTP] You guys freaking ROCK!

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Today, I'm straying from my comfort zone to ask you a question. Why the hell do we mesh like a badass? I was seeing a careers advisor today, who set me up in an interview with a professional with degrees in popular culture and social psychology, to see if he could gleam from my sealed lips, my...
  13. Being Female in an Interview

    Education & Career Talk
    Although I don't seem to have enough experience in this economy to work as a desk clerk or a retail salesperson, the one type of job interview I have been considered for is manager in training. I would very much like to pursue a job like this, which could probably lead to a career for me, but I...
  14. [INTJ] Spoken like an INTJ.

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    If you could make a video to explain your personality to the world, how would you do it? Are there any concepts, details or aspects of daily life you would mention in your video that this gentleman didn't mention? What would you want other people to know about the way you think, your...
  15. July 2010 Member of the Month, "WickedQueen" Interview

    Member Spotlight
    Ah another late interview. I'm telling you folks, summer is the season to have an excuse to be late. This month we are interviewing a member who needn't any introduction. *clap* (Just clap until you are told to sit, like when Mao and Stalin enter.)...
  16. [Enneagram Type 5] Enneagram interview with type 5. (video)

    Type 5 Forum - The Investigator
  17. [Enneagram Type 4] Enneagram interview with type 4. (video)

    Type 4 Forum - The Individualist
  18. [Enneagram Type 3] Enneagram interview with type 3. (video)

    Type 3 Forum - The Achiever
  19. [Enneagram Type 2] Enneagram interview with type 2. (video)

    Type 2 Forum - The Helper