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intj or infj?

  1. INFJ or INTJ

    What's my personality type?
    Hello everyone, so I finally narrowed down my two options into INFJ and INTJ. When I initially took the MBTI test, I had gotten INTJ and then a few times after that as well when I did it again. However, I also will get INFJ on occasion, same thing happens when I do the cognitive functions tests...
  2. Do i sound like an inTj or an inFj

    I have no idea whether im an intj or infj because both descriptions fit me well. It seems different situations and people tend to bring out one type or the other in me. Here are some traits of mine to interpret. Hopefully they help someone to really know, because i have no clue lol. What makes...
  3. INTJ or INFJ

    Are there any other people out there that feel that they are equally an INTJ and INFJ? Is it possible to be equally both? I have taken it twice and typed as an INTJ. However, it doesn't seem completely like me. I feel like i switch back and forth and can't really decide which one i am more of...
  4. INFJ or INTJ? Or something else?

    What's my personality type?
    I've been interested in typology for a while now, and although I can analyze others, I find it hard to analyze myself. On the Enneagram quiz, I tend to test as a 5w6 and on the SLOAN typing test I am RLEOI. I've been reading on cognitive functions, and I think I'm more Te/Fi, but am unsure...