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  1. When Te contemplates vs. when Ti contemplates.

    Cognitive Functions
    Hello all! I'm new to Personality Cafe, although I have frequently browsed through the forums in the past. Recently MBTI and Jungian functions have been gnawing into my mind. I am an INTJ, although I think it would be better stylized as iNTj. My question is about how exactly Te and Ti differ...
  2. INTJ who thinks she's an INFJ and an INTP. Am I crazy?

    Hello! I am a female INTJ, age 23 and excited to be on Personality Cafe! The very first time I read my INTJ type description I must admit I was floored, there was a window of "oh wow, that does sounds kind of like me". My eyes opened wide in amazement and I was smiling as I read on. It was a...
  3. Best and Amiable Respects from this INTP.

    Here's fortune and a fair wish from this Captain, for the lot of us. It's out of touch I've been, and for a spell. Seems too, I've misplaced all my merry hellions what were of tolerable quality. Good company being scarce, here's hoping it's found at PC sooner than otherwise. Polite...
  4. Question: New to the Personality Game--But Really Intrigued to be an INTP.

    Hello All, I'm Emily, and I feel as if I've had something of a breakthrough since discovering myself to be an INTP personality... As such, it may not be surprising that I've rather obsessively taken several different models of the test, and--no matter which version I try--I am always assigned...
  5. Cross your eyes and count to ten. An intp.

    INTP, 5w4. Female. 18. Name's Erin. I have the tendency to prefer lurking, but I've decided to try posting more than I might normally. I trope. I'm reading Lolita for my English class, and Hamlet. I'm listening to the Killers, considering playing some on my new Dark Elf character on TES IV, and...
  6. New guy, INTP.

    Hello all, I'm a 16 year old guy, who has had social anxiety for most of my life. It's been better lately, though. I just found this website completely by accident and it seems pretty interesting... I can't really think of anything else to say, so hello.
  7. A delayed hello from an INTP.

    I would have posted an introduction earlier, but honestly everything else here was more captivating. :cool: I'm a college student. Reading and writing have always been a passion of mine. Science is fascinating, and math is growing on me. I'm vegetarian. Some of my likes: + Nature + Depth +...
  8. Another INTP.

    Hiya. Just poking around. This place moves faster than the other forum I know, so it will take time before I get caught up. Be warned: I often write without caps and overuse commas. Don't really know what else to say, that intro thread with all the questions covered a lot of the basics. oh...
  9. I'm an intp.

    The development of my psyche... Category: Life My parents are so old, they didn't think they could have babies. Surprise! so they had me, but with such low energy levels, they didn't "nurture" me effectively. They were rather uninvolved, and let me do whatever. So rather than developing...