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    Hello, I'm really grateful to have found this forum because for ages I've been hoping I could find a safe place to interact with like-minded people. I'm not completely convinced that I am an INFP, but through my own research so far I've found plenty of things to relate to. For most of my life...
  2. Intro
    Hi, everyone. I don't like introductions as it reminds me of those horrible days in school when the teacher would make you stand up in front of the entire class and say your name and some neato fact about yourself, but here we go. Turning 24 I think I am going through some bouts of quarter-life...
  3. Intro
    I don't really know how to introduce myself properly, but I hope I'm not too bad :) So I am a twenty-year-old INFP girl who likes kpop, playing with her dog and watching random youtube videos. I used to be really into anime, but not so much lately :| I'm very shy and uninteresting tbh lol
  4. Intro
    Hello! ^^ I've been lurking here for a lot longer than I'd like to admit, and after spending a biiiit too much time on the forums today I decided to make myself an account! I'm an INFP as far as I know, I dont entirely understand the whole "cognitive functions" part just yet but I'm getting...
  5. Intro
    I'm an INFP, bookish, with a love for vintage clothes, tomes, music, stuff. I'm relatively vintage myself. Like most NFs, I'm naturally warm, caring, and compassionate, yet immune to bullshit. I've been studying CG Jung for the last three decades, and have found his work to be invaluable. The...
  6. Intro
    Hi everyone, I've just joined as a member of this site but I have read different posts before about being an INFP (which I am). I must have found out I was INFP more than a year ago and it was as if the way I am makes sense despite seeming so strange to others! :exterminate: I also like Doctor...
1-6 of 6 Results