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  1. INFJ Intro: My Fetishes

    Hello everyone. I am an INFJ with a fetish for art aesthetic. My current life goals are: get art skills, learn chinese, and try not to fail in everyone else's eyes. I am currently annoyed at one thing: the word "breastwork" means "temporary fortification." Even though I'm supposed to be an...
  2. hyello hyello hyello

    hello! :) i don't really know how forums work because they seem super complicated but i joined this one because i have a passion for theories of personality like mbti and enneagram! i'm an isfj 1w2 (tritype 126) sp/so scoan + socionics type eii this might change up a bit becuase i'm not sure...
  3. Hi

    confirmed ENFJ here had an account I made 2 or 3 years ago. Can’t get into it anymore & it’s easier to just make a new one. I take the functional perspective on MBTI. I’m educated mainly by IDRLabs. Always try to provide evidence for typings. It’s about how you think not how you act/live...
  4. Hello.

    Hello. I'm a 21 year old, soon to be 22 INFP (I think) who is currently feeling tired, yet curious. I'm about to head out and buy some books. Ask me anything, I guess.
  5. INFP says hi!

    Hi everyone!! One of the elusive male INFPs saying hi as a new member! I've come across this forum & read things but decided I should register & get involved rather than just read. Based in the UK. Near 29 years of INFP-ness!
  6. Seasons Greetings!

    Howdy, I'm Remedio. I am an INTP (Logician) and a raging fanboy. I came here because I am aspiring to be a writer, and I use personality types to help keep track of my many characters. I hope to get to know many colorful people here. Who knows, you might become a character in a new best-selling...
  7. Hello - INTJ

    Hi, I'm a female INTJ and I'm 22 (I had no idea what to actually put for my generation, I don't think I'm technically Gen Z because I was born in 1997 but that's a whole other tangent). I've visited this site enough times to look at fictional character MBTIs I figured I might as well join...
  8. an INTP that would like to make some friends :)

    Hi! I'm an INTP, 4w5, so/sp living in California. I like math, writing, and drawing, and decided to make an account here because it seemed like a pretty cool site. I love listening to music, especially alternative rock, but I'm still have a little of my k-pop phase in me. I like Muse, BTS, and...
  9. Greetings Earthlings!

    Hey guys! I've technically been on here for a little bit, but it looks like I've finally pegged down my type-ENTP 7w6/794! Nice to meet you guys! ^^
  10. I'm glad to join you! Wanna be searchers who explore...

    Hey there guys, I'm an 22yo dude from Brazil and I love to know more about personality types. I'm an INFP. I love music, movies and art in general. Oh! And i am just addict to creating playlists with storylines or concepts. Nice to be here xx :heart:
  11. Returning INFP

    Hi humans, I've had an account on this site for quite a while but haven't used it very often, so here I am returning to it! I'm very certain I'm an INFP as far as Myers-Briggs goes. As for the other personality indicators I've done some tests but I've never been totally sure. :heart:
  12. Intro

    This is my first blog entry on this forum site, but I've posted PerC before. I thought a blog would be more in-depth though. I live in Missouri since Dec 2006. I had just finished the first semester of my senior year in high school and graduated before January. I went to high school in Ohio...
  13. I came in like a Wrecking Ball

    Sup, Amberiat here. I'm not really an expert at introductions and the like but I guess I'll point out a couple of things about myself and whatnot eh? Well first of all I've discovered MBTI, Enneagram, Socionics and the like between October 2017 and December 2017, I got into them because I...
  14. Intro: ISFJ

    Hi guys, I'm Anita and I'm an ISFJ girl from Hungary married to an INTJ which is an exciting journey. My mother is an ESFP, my father is an ISTP and my little brother is an INFP. I'm very much into MBTI since my first test and I'm happy to be a part of this community. :)
  15. INFP- hey

    Just registered to the forum like 5 mins ago but i've been checking it out for a while, like a few weeks since i done the MBTI test. I guess this post is to introduce myself but also to see how active the forum is. My names Cillian and i'm from ireland. I just kinda wanna learn more about my...
  16. There's a New Devil in Town

    Hail! Denizens of PerC, I emerge from a plane of existence nigh beyond human comprehension. I've seen eternity play itself forward and backward time and time again; I've wandered through the vast, infinite vacuum everywhere and found myself nowhere. I'm captive to every sight under the sun...
  17. Here comes the Sun

    People like introductions so hello my dudes. Summer is here down in the northern hemisphere. Where down is up and up is down. Not sure how active I'll be on here. I'll be honest, not much of an mbti person (Scientific validity, edgy as duck) but places like this tend to gather interesting people...
  18. greetings world

    Hi there!:heart: I usually get INFP on online tests, and Ive believed I was INFP for a long time. Now I'm starting to wonder if I am really and ENFP though. I've joined this forum to help me igure out what my type is and also to just learn more about MBTI and Enneagram and other personality...
  19. My Intro

    Hey guys, I just joined this site after being into Jungian functions for about a year. I've browsed here a few times but didn't create an account until recently. I'm an INFP 9w8 male in high school and I look forward to learning what there is to learn here. I just hit a rough patch in my life...
  20. [Enneagram Type 8] Newbie - Study/Occupation Fields for 8s

    Type 8 Forum - The Challenger
    [B]A question from a fairly recent member here. While online profiles frequently associate the majority of 8s with business or legal careers as something they're both capable of and enjoy, I'm curious as to which fields, if not those, 8s tend to study/work in. I'm wondering what the other 8s'...