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    Hello! Durian here. An INTJ fruit who happens to be a female passes by and thinks about life. A teenager who's obsessed with technologies. Loves food. Creativity is my spotlight. I avoid essays when necessaries (too dull). Believes in the impossibility of works (well, if it could be made...
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    Hello interwebs - I come in peace My username sounds cheesy as hell despite my absolutely lovely profile picture :wink: and I wish I could give you my real name but nah. I'm like the Internet, you see, the person my friends see is the surface of the Internet - the shlit that pops itself up on...
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    Heeeey everyone~ Stating the obvious, I'm new to this forum. :happy: I've actually visited this site several times in the past several years and now have decided to officially join. There's a lot to learn about my personality type, and also about the all the others as well. I really enjoy...
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    Hello everyone I am a 16 year old 6w5 , 1w2 who doesn't particularly want to share their MBTI type online haha :tongue: . I'm super interested in MBTI and cognitive functions though, so don't let my reluctance to share my MBTI put you off. :happy:
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    My first introduction to personality types was almost twenty years ago. A friend recommended my husband and I read a book by Gary Smalley. Reading the book was like turning a light on in a dark room. In the last couple years I've dabbled in reading about the Meyers Briggs personality type and...
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    Hi i'm an infp newbie in this forum, i live in asia and i'm interested in sharing about my personality info as well with all of you guys, please help me, i'm so much anticipating. :happy:
1-6 of 7 Results