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    It's only the normalcy that's intermittent. I'm persistently female. The multitude of personality type indication tools I've taken used over the years never budge from an INFP result. The most recent result was in form of (from & I don't yet understand the nuances of preference...
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    As it says I'm an INFP. What I've seen and heard is pretty accurate. I figured sine I just joined I should introduce myself. Hi, I'm Beatrice, I like to draw and read. =D I'll be lurking all the type forums and I'll write some too (mostly in my type forum though.) :P
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    So, since I'm supposed to introduce myself here and all... I took the MBTI test a while ago in school and became interested in personality typing. I'm an INFP, and i found personalitycafe about a month ago, and decided to join just now since i spent a lot of time reading the forums.
21-23 of 23 Results