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  1. Intro
    So, I guess I will introduce myself as a new member of this site. English is not my first language, so expect tons of mistakes from my part. I am an INTP-T 5w4sp. I am pretty ignorant when it comes to typology, but I am hoping to learn more. As for my interests: I love writing, all kinds of...
  2. Intro
    Hello there! I'm this ThisOneGuy (15 years old / male) I have signed up at Personality Cafe. Why? I've always known I'm not really a social person, in fact I've already thought I'm sociophobic! :0 But then I found out, that I'm simply an INTP. Having read a few things about this at...
  3. Intro
    (I've been putting off making this for 2 days now hhhhhhhhh) Howdy, my name's Rei. I'm a 16 y/o INTP (well I only just turned 16 yesterday but ok) Learning about MBTI personality types is my current hobby/obsession. Let's see how long this one lasts
  4. Intro
    Hello~ :) I'm Hoquen (pronounced HOU-KU-EN fyi.). I'm an INTP and I've been looking around in the forum for a few times, and now I finally got to register!! Hope I'll be able to meet some interesting people around :winky::winky:
  5. Intro
    Im not quite new in MBTI and in personality hacker. Ive done appropriate reading in the topic in forums, discussions and just internet texts. I figured I was INTP after I took the test in personality hacker but Ive typed in various ways in the last years. I thought I was an INFP, I wasn't, I was...
  6. Intro
    hey you, I'm laZerus, or Laz, and I'm just another neighbourhood INTP. Looking forward to interesting conversation and getting to know others on the site - So on and so forth. Not new to MBTI, but new to the online MBTI community.
  7. Intro
    HI everyone. Recognize the name? I wouldn't be surprised, if you have been around forums for a while, you might have seen me at some point. Yes, I am from South Carolina. I am also a full time college student. I love school, which I could just do that for the rest of my life. I am also a...
  8. Intro
    Hi there, I am an INTP. I've been reading a lot about mbti lately, stumbled across personality cafe quite a few times and got some really good information from discussions here, and that's why I joined. tbh I really really like being an INTP. When I first did a mbti test I got INFP as a result...
  9. Intro
    Hey all! I'm a long-time lurker of some MBTI forums (INTPForum, PersonalityCafe, INTPCentral), and decided to make a quick video intro. Why? Who knows, we'll see what happens. The video goes over what I'm doing in life, what I'm interested in, and my (little) background in MBTI. Hai o/
  10. Intro
    Hey people, my name is Nikolai and I'm INTP with INTJ tendences. I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to say, I'm awful doing introductions e.e. Whatever...I'm not used to be in online forums, but I found this one and I decided to try. Who knows what could happen? So, here I am! :D
  11. Intro
    Hello, my name's Orion. Nice to meet you. I'm an INTP girl. I may have a current obsession on personality types.... Ha, anyways.. Yeah, so let's get talking. (I suck at introductions so bleh) :D
  12. Intro
    Is this actually necessary? I hate introductions. Just out of curiosity though, does anyone actually read these introductions, or they merely a formality? Are they mandatory? I have nothing further to say. I have introduced myself enough, I hope. I believe information like name and stuff...
  13. Intro
    Well, hello. ^_^ Nice to meet you. Actually I don't feel like a real newbie here, because I've been watching posts on this site for a really long time. I guess I just never put my mind to actually create an account here until now, but I think it will be a good opportunity to participate in...
  14. Intro
    I don't really know what else to say. I'm 23 and finally figured out why I do the things I do. I always thought I was just "stuck in my head" and it really bothered me. It especially bothers my husband, because he complains that I hardly ever talk, and I find it difficult to explain to him why...
  15. Intro
    Greetings. \v/ I don’t normally do introductions. I’m more of a “you-won’t-even-know-I’m-here” type of girl. But nothing like making yourself uncomfortable by acting out of character… I actually to that very often. Not the introduction part, the making myself uncomfortable part... I guess we...
  16. Intro
    I had nothing better for a title. I don't really know what to write here. I've been lurking around personalitycafe for a while, so I have a general idea of how it works and such, but I finally decided to make an account today. So yeah... Hi!
  17. Intro
    To whom it my concern :) I'm glad to have found this forum, hoping to meet some like minded people. I could not find anything like this site in my home country, it seems like the most of the people in here are from USA/Europe but I don't mind. I am an agnostic single 26 year old middle-class...
  18. Intro
    Hello, I shall be your tour guide for this evening. Name: Victoria Age: 18 Occupation: Eh, student. Yes, even in the summer. Future Occupation: It depends on what I fancy at the time. Psychologist, professor, philosopher, English teacher, Data Input Manager, C++ programmer, Web Master, etc. It...
  19. HI.

    I'm just going to say that I am significantly disturbed at the warning to look out for the Horny Robot. So much so that what I was going to say all but whisked out of my consciousness. I'm an INTP I love spiders, Acting Snowboarding Exploring Climbing Learning Teaching Reading Science Hugging...
1-20 of 27 Results