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  1. Intro
    Here's my story: It all started out when I was browsing a website called reddit. I discovered a subreddit called '/r/introvert'. This subreddit usually satisfied any of my urges to discuss behavior. Recently, though, the quality of posts in /r/introvert has been declining, greatly. I decided to...
  2. Intro
    'Ello everyone. I just found this site. I'm an ISTJ, but I've tested as an ISTP and an INTJ. I tend to score right in between on things, except the introvert. I'm an introvert, no questions asked there. Erm, I have no idea what else to say. I suppose I'm pretty interesting, but that's not...
  3. Intro
    Hey, I'm obviously new here and I'm an ISTJ. I'm surprised I'm posting this, as I'm not one to usually focus attention on myself, but I feel like I need to before I can actually participate in the forums:crazy:! I'm relatively new to the MBTI types, so I'm not familiar with all of them (I'll...
  4. Intro
    Hello! Erm. I got a message giving instruction to introduce myself so here I am! I am an ISTJ female Enneagram Type 1. I am dating an ENFJ male. We have our differences and try to work through them one day at a time. I love psychology! I also enjoy exercise, film school, music (playing...
1-4 of 4 Results