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  1. Hi

    confirmed ENFJ here had an account I made 2 or 3 years ago. Can’t get into it anymore & it’s easier to just make a new one. I take the functional perspective on MBTI. I’m educated mainly by IDRLabs. Always try to provide evidence for typings. It’s about how you think not how you act/live...
  2. Here comes the Sun

    People like introductions so hello my dudes. Summer is here down in the northern hemisphere. Where down is up and up is down. Not sure how active I'll be on here. I'll be honest, not much of an mbti person (Scientific validity, edgy as duck) but places like this tend to gather interesting people...
  3. Introductions and Other Words

    Hello I'm new here (as you can tell) but I'm eager to meet new people! If you wanna know a few things about me, I'm aspiring to be a novelist and I'd describe myself as a rather dorky and semi-bubbly fellow. Excited to be here! And how are YOU today?
  4. [ISTJ] ISTJ Introduction Thread

    ISTJ Forum - The Duty Fulfillers
    Hi everyone! I am new to PerC. I introduced myself in the generic Introductions thread, but I kept it simple. I did not find an ISTJ-specific intro thread, so I made one! I am an ISTJ female. I am perceived as outgoing and confident, but this is from practicing small talk. My Feeling side is...
  5. New here! Hi! In front of me now: bananas, notes, window, dried out african violet...

    Hi! I'm new here today. Hanging out, thinking of what to say... I'm a 4w5 on the Enneagram, though I get a lot out of studying all the types. I particularly like Naranjo's theories about the types as nine different types of neurosis. And that healing means integrating the things and personality...
  6. The Interesting and Amazing Introduction To Cat (me)

    Hello fellow people! My name is Cat, and I am an ENFP. I am a ballerina who loves drawing and music. I also love flowers and trees, but since I live in the middle of a drought, that's not really working out for me here. Everyone's flowers and grass is dead. Its saddening. I also LOVE LOVE...
  7. Jellycarp Crashes In! - New ENTP

    Hey everyone, I'm Jellycarp! I'm a tall, scrawny, crazy and radical dude who enjoys adventure games, toast, pancakes, skiing, doodling, coding, drinking, hi-fives, most cartoons, orange juice when sick, punching (nonliving) things, playing my keyboard, swimming and like a whole bunch more...
  8. I was told to introduce myself...hello there!

    Hi! So I'm not really sure what to write here but I'll give it a shot. So I'm an ENFJ, but the general public seems to believe that I'm introverted. I guess that's because I'm not all that assertive/aggressive/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. Anyway, I'm not actually shy-I love talking with people...
  9. Hello! New poster, long time lurker! (NiFe:TiSe)

    Filling out the little intro thing: Name - You can call me Psi or Psifunkcog Male Location- I was raised in Oregon, and now I live in Houston, Texas Age- 22 Personality ~ What is your Myers-Briggs personality type and for how long have you been reading on personality theory? I'm an INFJ (I...
  10. Hi, ISTP here, and I'll put up some ego-centric stuff you wouldn't be interested in.

    Thought I'd drop in and say Hello. I like to read the posts here sometimes, but have never bothered signing up for an account until now. However, after becoming annoyed and/or disillusioned with some other places...well, this place looks like more fun. And that's why I like to join message...
  11. Looking to understand XSXJs

    Hello everyone! I am an ENTP and my wife an INFJ. Basically all our circle of friends seem to be iNtutition-based personalities. I have been reading about MB and typologies for a couple of years, but am by no means well-versed on the topic. My wife and I were chatting and realized that we...
  12. Introductions are so difficult

    Wouldn't it be great if I could just send you all some warm impressions directly from my brain? It's unfortunate that I haven't mastered that talent just yet. I was bored and googling random topics, and I realized I hadn't read any Jungian personality literature in a long time. So I googled my...
  13. Please, allow myself to myself!

    Hi all, Im Tom. 23y/o member of the rat race (erm.. meaningfull employement) living in a little town called Market Rasen, in Lincolnshire, England. I recently discovered MBTI (about 2 months ago) mainly by chance while doing my usual internet procrastination and it felt like someone finally...
  14. I have never been very good at introductions

    Well I have known for awhile that I was a INTJ. And it always made sense to me. And as much as it annoyed my ex girlfriend, I love logic and reason above all else. And while researching INTJ, I found the thing that rang true to me. "Perhaps the most fundamental problem, however, is that...
  15. Hello, I'm Douglas Ml.

    Hello, all: My user name is Douglas Ml. My real name, as you can see, is Douglas MacNeill I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As you can see, I'm new to this place. My Myers-Briggs type would be INTJ, while my Enneagram type would be point 6. (How often do types like these occur together?)...
  16. It's a regular flood of introductions here.

    And I'll add my tiny rivulet of water to it. :) I'm an ENFP. I've been interested in MBTI types for a while, and decided to join this forum after lurking about it for a couple of weeks. *waves* Hi!