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  1. Intro
    Introductions, how nice. My name is Eric and I'm from Stockholm, Sweden. I recently found to my excitement that I was an ENFP, and got REALLY into this whole thing. People and personalities interest me alot! It was amazing, because I reached like, a new level of self-insight and respect for the...
  2. Intro
    hi everyone! i stumbled upon your site several nights ago after discovering i was an ENFP; i am absolutely intrigued by the wealth of information and camaraderie on your site and i cannot wait to find more and more cool stuff here! i have never in my life posted on a discussion board, so...
  3. Intro
    Recently discovered this site today. I'm an ENFP, and often feel weird around others and more self motivated then others. I have trouble making friends because I dont want to stoop down to their level in the sense of immaturity and i'm very responsible and I rarely relate to anyone. I'm very...
1-3 of 3 Results