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introverted sensing

  1. [INFP] INFP Observational and Perceptiveness Skills

    INFP Articles
    This article is meant to lend understanding to the observational and perceptive skills that INFPs are known for. We will look at how the process takes place in the INFP mind specifically, through our cognitive functions. There are things which INFPs are very observant to, and there are things...
  2. [ENFP] My brain refusing to accept reality - caused by Si as iinferior function?

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    OK I have been noticing something in particular about myself recently. I build up a picture of somebody I admire (whether I've met them or not) in my head. I am in love with this idealized image of them. When reality comes along and shows me that something is not right with my image of...
  3. INTP Si - The ignored function?

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    We talk a lot on here about our Ti and Ne, and we basically never shut up about our inferior Fe function and all the trouble it causes. :tongue: But what about the tertiary Si, Introverted Sensing? To be honest, it's the INTP function that I understand the least, and I'm not quite sure how it...
  4. The Gestalt of Checking Out Girls: a Fun Way to Tell The Difference Between Se and Si

    Myers Briggs Forum
    (Note: This is really the product of a random idea that came up in my head one day. While I do think that this is an interesting way to look at the two sensing functions, I do not claim to be an expert in MBTI.) "Why do you like her so much?" This is a question TurranMC often asks me in...