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    I'm an INFJ, and my mind continually goes off on a tangent. I find myself thinking of all sorts of things like, "What would my life be like if I was teleported into the Middle Ages?" "What's the probability of alien life existing?" "If I ruled the world, what would I change?" What do...
  2. Cognitive Functions
    Mindfulness, meditation, Carpe Diem, The Power of Now. Living in the now is all the rage, and the path to happiness and inner peace according to a lot of self-help books on the market today. Do people who live in the now live happier than people who live in the clouds? Are Sensors happier...
  3. Myers Briggs Forum
    One of my friends is ISFJ and her Introverted Sensing is very high; well, on paper anyway. She asked me if this contributed to her "sixth sense" which she feels she's always had. I wasn't sure how to answer her apart from trying to explain about Sensing being how information is taking in etc and...
1-3 of 3 Results