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  1. inxp

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    I think like an intp, but I test usually as an infp. Could this be an error in the test, or could I be an emotionally mature intp, and the typing system is no longer relevant to me on that axis?
  2. New INxP here

    welp, when I found out about mbti, originally tested to be intj. it fit, but didn't hit the mark. then I took it again and tested as intp. hit the mark better, yet still not 100% on it. I've tested a few other times and consistently get either intp or infp. I'm more in between on the t/f axis...
  3. General INxP intro thread

    To all existing INxP and all those who will arrive in the near future, here is your intro thread! Hello, I am well-versed in all aspects of cognitive psychology. I am attending/have attended a prestigious university and plan on creating software when I leave. I thoroughly enjoy writing about...
  4. INXP incoming

    hi there, i am from INTPforum and i THINK i am INXP i am 15 and hope to learn and have fun here :) so, hiiiiiii
  5. Hi, INXP here

    I hope this post finds you well. An INFP friend linked me to these forums. I used to frequent the other forums for INFP and INTP, but I fizzled out somehow. I can't promise I won't do that here. Fizzling out, I mean. I do want to get around to promising that. Eventually. I used a different...