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  1. Intro
    Hey guys. Glad to be a part of personality cafe. I joined this website because recently in my life, I've been in a bit of a rut. I have a very clear idea of what my strengths, weaknesses, and skills are, but I'm rather intense and have an emotional/cerebral hybrid view on life. My mom, dad, and...
  2. Advice Center
    I've got iPhone 4s IOS 6.1.3 and I've been looking for a way to jailbreak it. I found Icysn0w and another one. But as I read some further info about them, a lot of people say it's fake. So I was just wondering do you guys know a safe way to jailbreak iPhone 4s IOS6.1.3?
  3. Science and Technology
    I'm not tech savvy person, but I like to keep up with newest things. News about new smartphone based on Ubuntu system sparked my interest. ( January 2nd, BBC News BBC News - Ubuntu operating system comes to Android smartphones ) I'm totally tempted to switch my iPhone to this when this becomes...
  4. ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    I've discovered when I plan out my day the evening before on a post-it note I enjoy the following day much more because I can focus on the moment rather than having to think about what to do next, it's already planned. (Of course, I arrange my day so that I have a maximum amount of free time.)...
  5. Advice Center
    I lost my job yesterday, and happy about it. I am an INFJ. I have actually been thinking of a career change for about 4 years, yes, I hated I.T. after 2 years, but pushed myself for another 4. I was close to burnout & was having health issues because of it. I am financially ok for about 1 year...
  6. Science and Technology
    It's BS that jailbreaking makes the phone "not work reliably", by the way. I'm about to use this jailbreak once I make another backup.
  7. Science and Technology
    If so, I have some questions on how to upload the custom firmware.
  8. Science and Technology
    Is there really no thread dedicated to this awesome tool? Okay, I'm probably still quite flashed by it, nevertheless I think it deserves it's own thread. I'm interested in your favourite apps, what little programs do you fell in love with?I have a few technical questions too. For example, if I'm...
1-8 of 9 Results