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  1. [ENTP] What are some ways you have developed your lower functions?

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Have any ENTPs tried to develop their inferior function by modelling Si-dom/aux individuals? I think I may have come across an article or video discussing the idea of developing inferior functions by observing someone who has your inferior function as their dominant function. I know of two...
  2. [INFJ] Why I love DJArendee's account of Se vs Si

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I am dating someone with lead Si and I have found there is no greater bafflement to my Ni than this function. I read what I could find about this mystery, but it wasn't until this video that I found a workable notion. Se - the de-personalisation of...
  3. Help! I have an odd MBTI/Enneagram combination.

    What's my personality type?
    Alright. So I've thought for a whole that I was an ISTJ but I think that I've recently come to the conclusion that I'm actually an ISFJ. When I was younger I was a lot more extroverted and perceiving, so obviously my personality type has changed drastically since then. I won't get into why...
  4. [INFJ] INFJ and ISFJ relationship experience

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    So I have taken the typology test on several different sites, each giving the same result: INFJ I asked my girlfriend who I've been dating for a year now to take the test and she is an ISFJ. I will list some pros of the relationship here: She listens to my bizzare theories whenever I dish...
  5. Most extroverted of the introverts?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    I (ENFP) was hanging out with my ISFJ best friend earlier tonight, and I started to realize was a lot more talkative than I was. Not saying that I was very quiet or anything like that, but she was just would just TALK. Like, she had an easier time coming up with new subjects to talk about, her...
  6. [ISFJ] Amazing things about ISFJ's - non-ISFJ's compliment thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ISFJ Forum - The Nurturers
    Ok so I saw this idea on some of the other personality types forums and couldn't see one over here (sorry if there is already one). Basically the idea is that the non-ISFJ's of the forum say what they like about all the incredible and amazing ISFJ's!!! One of my very good friends is an ISFJ. I...
  7. ESFJ or ISFJ? Help me!

    What's my personality type?
    Hi, hope someone can give me some insight as to which personality type I may be. I've used to think of myself as an ESFJ, but lately I'm considering ISFJ. I have taken several MBTI tests, and my result is often ESFJ, but also quite often ISFJ. If I take a cognitive functions test, my four...
  8. [ISFJ] Getting Attached Too Quickly?

    ISFJ Forum - The Nurturers
    Hi, everyone! Kind of new to this, but here goes... (You can skip the story to the question at the end!) Over the summer, I met an ESTP guy who was my exact opposite. We only had a short time (4 days) together since I had to go on a month-long vacation and he had to leave for work in another...