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  1. I'm an ISFJ that's for sure

    Hi, I'm Kimberly! I've been reading these forums in my free time for months now in search of answers. I want to be the healthiest ISFJ I can be, and so far I've found a lot of helpful tips on this site. I was introduce to Myers-Briggs types through a friend and the topic spread quickly. Now a...
  2. [ISFJ] Making up for negative feelings with actions?

    ISFJ Forum - The Nurturers
    My mother is an ISFJ, and I was wondering if you guys experience a similar thing whilst under stress/upset. I'm not sure whether this may be just to do with the way she was individually brought up- my mother's side of the family are all introverted as far as I know, and they struggle with...
  3. [ISFP] ISTJ/ISFJ dating an ISFP...good idea or not? Any advice?

    ISFP Forum - The Artists
    I took the MBTI years ago and came out as an ISTJ. Recently I looked over information about the different types and think I'm a combination of ISTJ and ISFJ. I have a friend who I'm convinced is an ISFP who I would love to date, but is taken. I often daydream about finding a single ISFP male to...