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    A lot of things can be said about it but I think a lot of people happen to comment about Islam and Muslims [ both leftists and rightists ] without knowing much about it, I am not talking about all the people ... just a general view Something that I have been saying for sometime [ maybe not in...
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    America... Land of the free, home of the brave. Yeah. Fucking. Right. These days it seems like Land of the "Oh shit I'm scared, fuck freedom" and "home of the Islamaphobes". I find it mildly amusing watching people yell and scream about how scared they are about Syrian refugees coming over...
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    What is your type and religious affiliation?
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    The poll is for INTJs only. I hope others will respect this.
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    As someone who lives in The South (of the US that is) I've grown up around a lot of religious and conservative people. While I may be enforcing a stereotype, the south-east US is very very religious- so much so that I've seen other students put "because God wanted it to be like that" as an...
1-5 of 29 Results