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  1. ISTJ Forum - The Duty Fulfillers
    I'm trying to understand why my istj aunt hates my mom. She has been nothing but supportive to her during her hard times. I don't think my aunt is going to stop hating my mom, in fact, she hated my grandmother ( her mother), until her died. How should my mom handle the situation? My mom asked...
  2. ISTJ Forum - The Duty Fulfillers
    I have a bad habit of stalking when I'm online. I just tend to find people interesting. These are people I may see videos of on Youtube, read blogs by on Livejournal, see posts by on forums (*cough*), etc. For whatever reason, these people interest me. As an introvert, I feel I am more likely to...
  3. Advice Center
    im an istj. im in good shape and motivated by duty and codes. i'm wondering if we introverts make good police officers, because my dad told me some guy didnt make the psyche exam because he was too passive. i'm 5'6 so i've pretty much avoided combat my whole life, im worried that i may flunk...
1-3 of 3 Results