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  1. [ISTP] Is it a ISTP thing to be chronically indecisive because of constant overthinking?

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    Greetings, fellow ISTP citizens. So recently, after taking the MBTI test several times, it is apparent that I am one of you guys, so howdy howdy :perc2: First post btw! So, to cut to the chase, I'm in my fourth year of college, with one year left to graduate. I was originally in the business...
  2. Finally getting involved in this!!

    Hi, I'm Ron, and just like the title says, I finally decided to join this site, mainly for advice, and to further my knowledge of the other personality types, as well as my own. (oh yeah, I'm an ISTP btw) I hope you all have a great day!:proud:
  3. [ISTP] Quitting grad school and feel lost... any career advice?

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    Hello, first time poster here. I'm 23 and in my first semester of grad school, doing a master's degree in biomedical science. At first I thought it was an ideal career path, since I get to work alone and do lots of hands-on experiments. But I hate it. I hate the uncertainty and repetitiveness...
  4. Istp/intp female career path

    Hello, I'm new and trying to get the hang of this website. Anyway, I'm a female ISTP and I'm sure this question has been posted before, but I want to know as a women what field of work did my other fellow female ISTP's go into. Currently I am going through a quarter life crisis and just...
  5. [ISTP] are ISTPs usually 'negative' people? or tend to be negative?

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    I'm really curious about this one (as an INFP myself), because as I'm sure that my dad is an ISTP (yes he's really really good at mechanics stuff too, that I often wish he could work in an engineer kind of job/business,..but unfortunately Reality speaks the otherwise for him now..), I often...
  6. [ISTP] What you do for a living

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    Kinda in the midst of a career decision. Just want to know what you ended up with and if your happy or not.
  7. [ISTP] Could you be a nurse?

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    So I was thinking about what I could change my career to. Ever since I was a child nursing always appealed to me but I never pursued it. Since I can no longer do jobs that are very physical I've decided that nursing might be a good alternative. I understand it's a lot of time on your feet but at...
  8. [ISTP] Any self employed or Entrepreneurial ISTPs here?

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    If you're in business for yourself, I'm curious what type of work you do? I admire that level of independence and freedom. I hope to have that some day. A bit aside, I watched an interesting guy on YouTube. He bounced around doing odd jobs until he found his niche making premium knives...
  9. [ISTP] Help me become a better supervisor.

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    Good Morning everyone...This is my first post...I was unaware that there were forums for discussing personality types, I don't know why...there's a forum for everything else on the net. I began researching personality types maybe a little under a year ago. I'm an ISTP...This particular...
  10. [ISTP] school...yuck

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    I just don't like school. It's not that I can't do the work because I can, it's just that I can't do it on my own time. Not only that, I must be able to apply what I'm learning to something otherwise I feel like I'm wasting my time. When I was in the Army, I learned to drive a truck and that's...
  11. [ISTP] Career Advice!?1/1?!!?!

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    Hello, I am an ISTP. Need career input. I work in a corporate office as a transportation analyst. ooops. I have been thinking of a couple options My dream is to have my own biz on day. ' 'Right now I am thinking about moving in transportation operations or going back to school to be a...
  12. [ISTP] Will I be the worst teacher EVER? Career freak-out in 3...2....1...

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    I am just going to vent all my fear about this whole thing, because I don't know where else to put it. Long story short: I'm out of work, single mom, and desperately need a career that will work with my life now. So somebody at the local college told me to come interview for a grant they are...
  13. [ISTP] jobs

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    New ISTP girl on the block... Strong IST, but borderline J/P Anyway, just curious to know what careers/day jobs you are all in. At a crossroads now, not happy in day job in Hotel Industry (maybe just in the wrong department/wrong industry all together?),but still need to support myself. My...
  14. ISTP in Need of Career Advice

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    So right now I'm a mechanical engineer working in the automotive industry, but I absolutely dread going to work every day. I generally go in early @ 6 AM so I can get some real engineering work done before everyone else comes in. Then by 9 AM, I'm usually in and out of meetings all day until 5...
  15. ISTP What do you do for a living?

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    I am currently unsure about my career path and am wondering what other ISTPs do. I have read many different lists of suggested careers for ISTPs, but I think hearing about what actual people are doing would be helpful. I have a BS in mechanical engineering and have been working in private industry.
  16. Any ISTPs in Finance?

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    I've been going to school for business for the last 3 years, and this year I have to officially declare a major. I was on autopilot going the Accounting route but I realized that was a terrible choice. I am now looking at Finance. I like that it deals more with statistics and problem solving...
  17. ISTP Career Issues

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    I am currently in my second year as a teacher. I was a general music teacher in an inner city school last year and this year I am a beginning band director in a rural school district. Last year was a nightmare. Most music teachers would kill for the job I have this year. Still, I can't hack it...
  18. My 15yr old son ISTP career choice?

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    Some advice needed please....I've searched and read alot.. yet still have no clear direction for my 15yr son (ISTP)....he hasn't a clue and pretty soon he has to make some choices. He's fairly typical ISTP...although spends much of his time on Xbox games interacting with others.....doesn't...
  19. Careers! Help is needed!

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    Just wondering what other ISTP and ESTP are doing career wise! The hubby is trying to figure out what to do with his life!
  20. ISTPs and College

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    What are your opinions on the cost/benefit of universities, as opposed to a technical college, skilled trade, or doing just about anything else.