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  1. Yami Kawaii "Sick Cute". Mental illness in Japan.

    General Psychology
    In Japan it is not socially acceptable to be suffering from mental illness, much less to talk about it...unless you're cute. Inevitably it would seem, the result of this is a new form of self expression in fashion called Yami Kawaii or "Sick Cute", which tackles normally taboo topics, such as...
  2. [ENTP] ENTP from Japan.

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Hey guys Recently, I had a discussion about Japan and it's culture, traditions, honorific language (I would had to throw in some curses to balance this shit out), ways of being etc and I thought that I would hate to be brought up there. Like literally everything present there goes against my...
  3. INFJ Lady from Japan

    Hello everyone! I have been lurking through the threads and getting a feel for the environment for the past few hours now. I am still not sure where to begin, but I figured I’d actually get somewhere if I asked for help. :-) I must admit that my knowledge on MBTI is pretty limited, since I’ve...
  4. I've had a very long and indecisive run with MBTI, type me please

    What's my personality type?
    I've been mistyped by taking free online quizzes many times. Initially I received an INTJ profile (I know, typical right?) then I explored MBTI more and doubted my type. Then I got INTP (another typical profile) which seemed much closer, but given that I only scored 1% on the T/F dichotomy I...
  5. Missionary INTJ

    I figure that I might as well use the format from the "You, Me, & Everyone Else We Know" thread. Personal: What do you preferred to be called? 光の聖人 (Hikari No Seijin) Any nicknames? Seijin Male/Woman/Trans? Male Location: Where were you originally born? Kansas Where do you love now...
  6. J-pop celebrities (actors, musicians, singers, comedians)

    Guess the type
    Is there any J-pop lovers here? Anybody here who knows of japanese celebrities? Here is a place to discuss the MBTI and enneagram types of these people! :proud: I have been in love with Japanese pop culture for a while and so I would luv to hear your thoughts on some of the celebrities'...
  7. Any J-Rock fans out there?

    Guess the type
    Are there any J-Rock fans out there? I was wondering if we could discuss the personality types of J-Rockers and Japanese Musicians in general in here as well! I'm mainly interested in one band, Phantasmagoria, and Miyavi's feel feel to discuss other bands in here as well. Phantasmagoria are...
  8. [INFJ] Check out picture of old Japan that were made 3D... pretty cool and eerie

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    These pictures may take some time to load, depending, but it's well worth it. Quoting site: Old Japan in 3D | How to be a Retronaut I found this a while ago, but I just showed it to one person and forgot about it.
  9. Is anyone else trying to learn Japanese?

    Education & Career Talk
    If so, how's that working? Any tips to share? :)
  10. What was the personality type of novelist Yukio Mishima?

    Guess the type
  11. 'Lo! another INFJ female here! but this one is from Texas -gasp-

    As mentioned above, I am an INFJ female living in Texas. Nice to meet ya'll ^^ okay. . about me. . I am a first year college student. . . well. . .community college-student but, it's all the same in the long run, isn't it? I am an artist I enjoy reading, and learning about new things. ...