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    Faith is the invisible spirit, which beckons and inspires us to do great deeds. It is a belief without proof, a conviction of truth. It leads, it nurtures, it inspires the mind. The certainty, loyalty which we devote to this clear sighted guide, transpires in showing us the way, in this ever...
  3. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    How would INFPs fare as journalists? I worked as a reporter for a magazine on education once, for a little less than a year. I enjoyed the writing bit, and the fact that we were a small team (just 4 of us) collaborating together. What I didn't like was that I had to work in an office and...
  4. Myers Briggs Forum
    i guess he is N but what about the others?
  5. Myers Briggs Forum
    -What would be the type or types that the best interviewers are made of. Interviewers that can offer the best interviews without much preparation, on the spot. -What types would be the best for the best critics: restaurants, architectural, etc. -What are the three types that make the best...
  6. Guess the type
    INFP? "After graduating with a First, he studied for an MA at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, specializing in ancient Greek and Roman art" "In The Times, Sarah Vine wrote: ‘Sooke is an immensely engaging character. He has none of the weighty self-regard that often afflicts art...