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    If INFP in Myers-Briggs = INFJ in Socionics and INFJ is dual with ESTP in Socionics, and ESTP in Myers-Briggs = ESTP in Socionics then INFP is dual with ESTJ in Myers-Briggs? and INFJ is dual with ESTJ in Socionics. Is this logic correct? :frustrating:
  2. Socionics Forum
    I've heard you just switch the last letters (J/P) in the introverts to go from Myers-Briggs to Socionics or vise-versa. And, this seemed valid because, I am INFP in Myers-Briggs and INFj in Socionics. HOWEVER, when I read the descriptions of what rational and irrational was in socionics, I hit a...
  3. ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    Hey there. Long time no see. I have this thing... :rolleyes: For a long time now I've thought strongly that I am an ENFP. But I may think that I have mistyped myself and I would like to know if it's a common thing for ENFJ's to think that they're ENFP's. I was trying not to think about MBTI...
1-3 of 3 Results