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julian assange

  1. [ENTJ] Wikileaks

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    Wikileaks, the site on the Internet that leaks sensitive information concerning any and all of the governments in the world and anything related to the government such as military, the UN etc. Are you pro-Wikileaks or anti-Wikileaks? And what about Assange, how do you feel about Ecuador...
  2. What is the Personality Type of analyst Bradley Manning

    Guess the type
    FRONTLINE Exclusive: Father of Accused Wikileaker Speaks Out | FRONTLINE | PBS
  3. [INTJ] Is Jullian Assange an INTJ?

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    seems like it to me, another one of you guys wreaking havoc on the world
  4. What is the personality type of whistle-blower Julian Assange?

    Guess the type
    Is he an INTJ? He sounds very confident and competent.