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jungian cognitive functions

  1. Hello there, could you please type me?

    What's my personality type?
    Hello there guys, I've been studying Myers-Briggs and Jungian functions for almost 2 years. I have contributed to some pages mostly typing other people or fictional characters based on cognitive functions, however since my first introduction to MBTI it didn't matter how much I tried to see these...
  2. Jungian-Mayhem (or a plethora of questions about the functions)

    Cognitive Functions
    I've begun reading Jung's work on psychological types, and I have quite a few doubts: - Are extroverted and introverted functions qualitatively different (that is, in addition to the differences that come from the content with which they are concerned)? In writing about introverted thinking...
  3. INFJ: A Jungian Cognitive Function Analysis

    INFJ, or Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judger, is a label borrowed from MBTI nomenclature and now applied to the Jungian Cognitive Function set {Ni, Fe, Ti, Se}. Dominant: Introverted iNtuition (Ni) "I just like putting all of life's little dreams in perspective. The real world is inside my...
  4. Function Axes Described in Simple Terms

    Cognitive Functions
    So I've been interested in the idea of how the cognitive functions interact with each other in opposing ways. It really helps to simply a lot of data and make it easy to type people rather than thinking of all the functions as independent pieces. (Michael Pierce and Celebrity Types have some...
  5. Lenore Thomson - Personality Types' Test

    Myers Briggs Forum NOTE: I have attempted to copy this scoring from the original but since it doesn't appear to be showing up right; I suggest you score your answers directly from the link provided at the top...
  6. Neojungian Typology’s Free Personality Test

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Neojungian Typology’s Free Personality Test | Neojungian Typology This test claims to be based in neuropsychology: Statistics for the personality test | Neojungian Typology The INFJ personality type "Empathic Leaders" Read a description of this personality type below. Personality test...
  7. Vent and guess type above based on vent

    Guess the type
    Here, we can post vents/rants of frustration about anything, and have people guess what type we are based on what we said. Be ready to scan a lot of words XD I'll start... I'm just so freaking tired of type bigots, aka ppl who think traits apply to one type just bcuz of a few people they've...
  8. New and slightly confused

    Years ago I tested as ENFP, which seemed to make a lot of sense, considering it's said to be one of the most difficult people for permanent relationships. Now I've taken the Jungian test here with results: ESTP or ISFJ or ESFJ Once I read the rationale provided, I decided to take the test...
  9. Enid Coleslaw MBTI?

    Guess the type
    I can't really put my finger on what she is- I think INTP, but does she have Fe as one of her functions? She seems like an INTP? But I'm pretty confused? Does anyone know what she is?
  10. Translations and word meanings

    Cognitive Functions
    There seems to be a need to redefine some of the original verbage used by Jung. Or maybe just retranslate, as many seem to be hung up by the old terminology/direct translation. One of the biggest offenders is "rational" and "irrational" functions. Remember, Jung didn't do his research in...
  11. [Enneagram Type 5] Any ENTP (LIE) Fives here?

    Type 5 Forum - The Investigator
    I've heard that they are the "introverted extroverts". I'm having such difficulty figuring out my MBTI type and Socionics is confusing me even more . . . :frustrating: If I were an ENTP (or an INFJ), it might possibly put an end to this confusion; so if they're are any ENTP 5s; I would be...
  12. INTP?ENTJ? Need some helpp.

    Hey guys, kind of need some help here. So... I've always felt that I was an ENTJ, but recently, after graduating college, I have found myself in an odd directionless phase, a little overwhelmed by the opportunities. Trying to decide if I should follow society (parents) expectations (becuase who...
  13. Socionics/Jungian Functions Summary

    Jungian Functions What are Jungian Functions? In 1921 Carl Jung proposed a total of eight cognitive processes in his groundbreaking work Psychological Types. They form the building blocks of the sixteen personality types. Jungian Functions: Extroverted Sensing (Se) An attitude that the...
  14. The Cognitive Functions as Design Approaches...?

    Cognitive Functions
    Hi guys, an xNFP design student here. I was reading a magazine focussed on what they call "design thinking". Their analysis was really interesting, and I found some of their spiels focused on "design thinking" to be fascinating in that they almost perfectly fit with the function of Extraverted...
  15. Tracking the Elusive Human, Vol. I:

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Tracking the Elusive Human, Vol. I: A Practical Guide to C.G. Jung's Psychological Types, W.H. Sheldon's Body and Temperament Types, and Their Integration - book Tracking the Elusive Human, Vol. 1
  16. A new cognitive functions relation analysis

    Cognitive Functions
    A new cognitive function relations analysis by Mark Novbett. The theory that we all have a dominant function is not new, neither is the idea behind temperaments. The theory of temperaments have existed through out history since the time of Plato while the idea behind dominant function theory...
  17. Personal Growth Extraverted thinking

    Cognitive Functions
    A person using extraverted thinking "endeavour[s] ... to make all activities dependent on intellectual conclusions, which in the last resort are always oriented by objective data, whether these be external facts or generally accepted ideas" (Jung, 1971, pp. 346-347). Interacting with the...
  18. Personal growth Introverted Feeling

    Myers Briggs Forum
    A person who is using introverted feeling is living "principally by the subjective factor" (Jung, 1971, p. 387). It is difficult to give an intellectual account of the introverted feeling process, as it is inner and not used in relationship to the environment or to others. It is not visible...
  19. Introverted Intuitio

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Personal growth Introverted Intuition When a person uses the introverted intuitive function, he or she "moves from image to image, chasing every possibility" (Jung, 1971, p. 400). This individual perceives the possibilities, the options, and the visions of the future, but because of the...
  20. Personal growth Introverted Thinking

    Myers Briggs Forum
    A person using introverted thinking is "strongly influenced by ideas" but these ideas "have their origin not in objective data but in subjective foundation" (Jung, 1971, p. 383). This individual uses logical analysis, but does not draw upon information from the environment; rather, theories are...