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  1. What's my personality type?
    I am questioning my type because I definitely think like an ENTP, but my actions show otherwise. As a kid, I was almost stereotypically ENTP. I know I am ExxP, so anything else is probably out of the question, unless there's something I'm missing and someone has a good explanation. The people...
  2. Cognitive Functions
    So I've been interested in the idea of how the cognitive functions interact with each other in opposing ways. It really helps to simply a lot of data and make it easy to type people rather than thinking of all the functions as independent pieces. (Michael Pierce and Celebrity Types have some...
  3. Myers Briggs Forum
    Alright, so, While I am definitely not new to mbti/function theory, I have yet to determine my type once and for all. The tests aren't good for typing, and all the descriptions use words that don't really make sense, in terms of laymen. I tried using the "interaction styles" to determine my...
  4. Cognitive Functions
    I just want to say at the beginning that, while this post specifically applies to novels, it doesn't necessarily need to. I'm aiming to present a theory on how the cognitive functions of a person might be personified, not just for writing but in any place where it might be used. * * * As an...
  5. Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    Heres a documentary on Marion woodman Dancing In The Flames with Marion Woodman (documentary 1h23m) It was a good watch. She looks back over her life and talks about events she went through and the decisions she had to make in order to stay focused on what she wanted in her life.. "In the...
  6. General Psychology
    Hello! Feel free to redirect me to another forum, I don't know if this is the right one. Do you know when you are watching a movie/series and there's a psychologist who ask an ambiguous question/says an ambiguous statement and the patient answer it with a "self advice"(he thinks the psychologist...
  7. Guess the type
    Welcome! I'm going to attempt to type some of the characters in Breaking Bad. I'd really like your input. I'm not sure how long you can edit threads, but I'd be happy to take input/merge ideas from any other fans. However, I'm quite confident in my deductions. You'll find that many of the...
  8. Cognitive Functions
    Hi guys, an xNFP design student here. I was reading a magazine focussed on what they call "design thinking". Their analysis was really interesting, and I found some of their spiels focused on "design thinking" to be fascinating in that they almost perfectly fit with the function of Extraverted...
  9. Myers Briggs Forum
    Tracking the Elusive Human, Vol. I: A Practical Guide to C.G. Jung's Psychological Types, W.H. Sheldon's Body and Temperament Types, and Their Integration - book Tracking the Elusive Human, Vol. 1
  10. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Moderators please delete... I moved my post to the existing thread here
  11. Myers Briggs Forum
    As by the title, this post is gonna be short :tongue: Se - See what is Si - See what was Ne - See what could be Ni - See what should be Thats it. :wink: Discuss. :proud:
1-11 of 14 Results