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  1. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I noticed a lot of INFPs are familiar with great thinkers like T.S. Eliot etc, and oftentimes you guys quote them brilliantly. :happy: Are you familiar with Kierkegaard? If so, can you leave a meaningful quote by him?
  2. Blog
    Part 3: Restating the Stated As I have told you that it is very possible that you can be a Knight of Faith and Ethical at the same time. The Ethical is only suspended momentarily, and not permanently, so this “incident” does not remove the Ethical from the Knight of...
  3. Blog
    Part 2: Contextually analyzing the Religious vs. Ethical in Abraham’s Actions Now we have many questions to consider when asking ourselves about Abraham. What about his actions made it seem like he may perhaps have been evil, misguided, unethical and irrational? Well, though the simple...
  4. Blog
    Abraham: Irrationally Unethical or Religiously Knighted? Is Abraham an unethical cur who bases his faith on irrational and potentially evil surfaces? Is Abraham just an absurd being given an absurd problem? Is he nothing more than a Knight of Faith? These are all questions that I hope to...
1-4 of 5 Results