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  1. Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Kim Seokjin- 9w1 so/sp (MBTI: INTP) Min Yoongi- 5w4 sp/so (MBTI: INTJ) Jung Hoseok- 7w6 so/sx (MBTI: ESFJ) Kim Namjoon- 7w6 so/sx (MBTI: ENFP) Park Jimin- 2w1 sp/sx (MBTI: ENFJ) Kim Taehyung- 4w5 so/sx (MBTI: ENFP) Jeon Jungkook- 7w8 sx/so (ISFP)
  2. Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    And you just can't disagree
  3. Guess the type
    He is typically typed as an ESFP, but I can see an ENFP or possibly an ENFJ. I view Baekhyun as a fascinating individual, he is more complex than he looks at first glance. I suggest everyone who is an exo stan to observe him closer. Any thoughts on this ? I suppose not many of you will be...
  4. Intro
    Ello everyone! I'm Faith, a newbie who's creeped around on this website for a while but never got around to signing up. So anyway, here's a really long-winded and over enthusiastically done self intro. Personal ~ * Name - Faith/婉心/완심 - Any nicknames? Ugh so many, my friends have distorted my...
  5. Intro
    Hello everyone! Nice to be here. I was surfing the net about my type as I've been feeling lost in terms of career-direction for quite a few years now and discovered this little hidden gem! I keep being pressured by others who tell me "you should be studying (at uni)!" I ask them "studying...
  6. ISFP Forum - The Artists
    Many Different Music Tastes? So i was wondering about this, do all ISFPs have a wide(and a bit weird) variety of music tastes? i would think the combination of sensing and feeling would allow us to like a bunch of different styles of expressing ourselves. Of course in my case, my music tastes...
  7. Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    So I recently became a huuge fan of SS501, one of the most awesome bands on Earth. So I was wondering what their MBTI s could be. I'm not very good at typing. But this is what I came up with. Kim Hyun Joong (Leader): ISTP. I know he's introverted. But have to say I had a really hard time...
  8. Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    Please go to this link where I have started the thread again :)
1-9 of 9 Results