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  1. Speak Your Personality: Be More You by Speaking the Language that Matches Your Style

    General Psychology
    Every language comes with its own personality, especially in the areas of Clair Modalities and Environment Temperament. The Modalities in language help determine the nature of the culture (such as architecture, and clothing style), while the language's Environment Temperament helps determine the...
  2. Language as a play on the different energetic frequencies or personalities

    General Psychology
    Languages carry vibrations from people's emotional states or feelings. If the people are feeling haughty, the language will change with it, like how the British accent diverged from the American accent. When people live apart for a very long time, or when they are isolated, they tend to form...
  3. [INFJ] Personalities of Languages

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Do you speak any foreign languages? If yes, do you ever feel it has a different effect on you than your mother tongue, how you feel even about a certain word? My point of view broadens, that's what I feel about languages. I experience a new spectrum of living, thinking and feeling. I've been...
  4. [INFJ] What is your Love Language?

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Read about them and/or take the test if you are unsure: The Five Love Languages We all have a language or two who are stronger than the rest, but most people can relate to all of them in one way or another: 1. Words of Affirmation: This language uses words to affirm other people 2. Acts of...
  5. Happy Memory #1001 – Bloop Bloop

    I went swimming today. 17 laps, though 16 of the laps was shortened near the end, so maybe it doesn’t count as much. That’s why I could swim finish so quickly as well. He’s still talking to me. I really think in terms of intelligence he’s below me. He can't seem to converse well. Or rather...
  6. Are you Good at Pronouncing Unfamiliar Words or Names?

    Member Polls
    Not counting words or names that follow pronunciation rules from other languages that you don't know, do you generally feel confident making a guess at how something would be pronounced? As you read do you bother to try to hear a new word or name in your head or do you just skim over and...
  7. Happy Memory #947 – Language Home

    AW YEAH I just had Japanese and Burmese class. I learnt a lot but I must consolidate tomorrow or else I'll forget everything. Tomorrow I will make notes so I remember. My japanese teacher is a weirdo. He brought a girl to class today. To my home. Which he has only spoken to for a week. On a...
  8. Happy Memory #926 – Pre-practice

    YTomorrow I'm meeting my godfather, and it’ll be a long drive in and out as we go overseas. Haha, they’re having medical check-ups in there. Hm. I want to make a list of what I want to talk about. My plans for the far future – not going to let him dissuade me from it. Just...
  9. Happy Memory #835 - Dancing Dog

    My weight went up by 2kg after that recent bout of swimming. Today it's back to normal. It was probably water weight. I drink a lot during and after swimming. This song from the Snoopy movie came on while I was in the shower!!! So I danced to it. :D it's a super dancey song!!!!! Doesn't it...
  10. Full stop or commas in emails

    General Psychology
    Hi, Someone's written to me, and it's a very important email. However, the person has left out or forgotten to put a full stop at the end of the sentence, in this case, the email is one sentence. Because of this, I doubt the person's sincerity. Therefore, I was wondering if you could tell me...
  11. Learning Chinese quickly and easily.

    Education & Career Talk
    I'm finding this technique for remembering to be very effective. I was actually taken back by how quickly I had committed it all to mind - the following day of my first go at it and I was writing down Chinese characters that native speakers easily recognized. Here's the official site for it...
  12. Happy Memory #730 - Table Talk

    AHHHHH air so smelly today. :( OH! My mum gave me a small thumbdrive and it works! Compared to the new fangled too high tech external drive with it’s softwarre so I can’t use that at all! Lol. So I gave her the new tech one and I’m using the old tech one and then we transfer...
  13. Help needed translating into other languages!

    Advice Center
    I need people who are fluent in reading and writing in both English and other languages. It's to translated the OP of the thread "Tips for fighting depression" into more languages in order to be able to reach and help a lot more people. I will make sure that the translators get credit for...
  14. The History of English Podcast

    The History of English Podcast
  15. Happy Memory #651 - Choco Info

    My newest AA recipe I made a few days ago! :D It’s really hard to get AA! :( that could be because I’ve been spamming jellies to upgrade my farm though, and taking part in HoF challenges ah well. I just came back from a short walk outside!!!! My dad had leftovers from some function, so I went...
  16. Happy Memory #637 - Rules Bypass

    Mum: Here, let me test your english. See how good you are at it. Change the word into an Abstract Noun before filling it in. I’m supposed to fill in the word in this sentence. There was a rush of people to the area where gold was discovered and as a result there was a scarce of food. The word is...
  17. Happy Memory #629 - Broiler Wine

    Today we had red rice wine with minced meat and mee sua for dinner aw yeah I love it! Me: Wah, it’s so delicious. No matter how many times I eat it, I still love it. Mum: Yeah, cos we grow up eating this. Of course! Me: So delicious. Hmm... Mum: Hm, I don’t think the little girl eat this...
  18. The type and your occupation

    Myers Briggs Forum
    So what's your occupation , if you are a student then what's your major? Does it go well with your type or you don't give much thought on it.
  19. Happy Memory #464 - Long Long Long Queue

    My mum told me the queue to see the coffin was 1 hour long, so I went there. It turned into a 8 hour queue, so I noped out of there 2 hours in. I’m burnt anyway. I never wanted to go see the coffin because it’s just a box, and it’s a waste of time. I told my mum, look, if he’s here now, he’ll be...
  20. MBTI and teaching languages

    Myers Briggs Forum
    I’ve been training and studying for a couple of months now to be an English teacher. In the readings I’ve been doing I’ve come up with so many different ways of dividing and classifying students and there was this one text that mentioned the intuition vs. sensing, perceiving vs. judging and...