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    Hello! I'm interested to hear about your organization systems. Ie- how do you organize all the files/folders/documents on your computer? If you want to get really elaborate, i'd love to hear about how you organize your life/etc but let's start with computers first. what i've always done is...
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    "ding ding" FIGHT ! :exterminate:
  3. INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    I am looking at a few custom laptops, and I am always up to input. I will list what I need, and what I am looking at. Please let me know if you guys know of anything better. Needs: Aside from normal browsing internet and Microsoft applications, also CS6, Cad, C++ (ya a calculater could run C++...
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    Any idea what this means for my laptop?
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    So, now I am on one of the shitty backup laptops with none of my stuff. I was going to just switch out hard drives and at least have everything I need, oh but of course.. this laptop has one of those older laptop HDs and the newer ones connectors are different. No fit. I just put a brand new...
1-5 of 7 Results