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lazy people
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    I thought, just after getting off-line last night, about writing that I need validation, and that the person who gives me that is going to get closer to me than anyone else, or words very close to that. But it isn't accurate. I thought about the word and the meaning of the word...
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    I know. It's absurd to me that strangers go round "seriously" typing famous people, or hell, any persons they know nothing about but rumor, media buzz. I've followed him closely (books about him; interviews with him; read his songs in writing; listened to his music; watched him perform...
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    how to become a bit more motivated as this lazy type :wink::bored: make healthful choices when you see no reason (diabetes is not a strong enough deterrent) to deny yourself an entire pie.... Tips that will help intps everywhere specifically
1-3 of 3 Results