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  1. Member Polls
    Curious about this. Ignore my other thread.
  2. ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    Hi, I have this ISTP in my class. He helped me with my homework. And after a few months, he started saying things like I like you and can we meet, so I can cook you dinner? I kind of liked him too, but did not want to admit it and gave evasive answers. I did not want to start anything, because...
  3. What's my personality type?
    Whenever I take a myers briggs test I get different results so I was wondering if anyone could help me out. E/I My school has about 60 students per grade and I'm friends with nearly everyone. The test always ask questions like, would you rather read a book alone all weekend or be with friends...
  4. Cognitive Functions
    I'm not sure how to properly define these words. What does it mean when a cognitive function is: Leading? Supporting? Relief? Aspirational? For example, I tend to notice that Fi is, for me, more so 'supporting' (defined here as "[t]he supporting role is how we are helpful to others as well as...
1-4 of 4 Results