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  1. Hi from ISFP, 4w3 ADHD, left-handed, otherwise average human being :D

    Hi, I'm Dorota and new to the forum. I've recently become quite interested in MBTI types and for the past couple of months spending time in MBTI FB groups and Googling anything and anyone in regards to MBTI. The enneagram I discovered today, and what I came up with is so true for me it's...
  2. Lefties & MBTI

    Member Polls
    I know there's a poll out there quite similar to this one. However this is more concrete. I know there might not be a correlation between the mbti type and the hand you are more comfortable using, but I thought it'd be fun to discover the lefties's types :) So lefties out there/in here...
  3. [INFJ] Any INFJ Lefties out there? Any Lefties at all?!

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I'm a left handed, INFJ, Type 5 & for the love of jesusmarynjoseph I cannot find another like me! :( 1) Anyone know any INFJs or Type 5s that are left handed? I wonder how much someone's handedness affects their personality? &/OR 2) If you don't know any lefty INFJs but know some lefties...