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    How can we still throw this "be yourself" bullshit to each other's face? There are many "you"-s that if you think about it you get bombarded by the overwhelming feeling. I'll just select the benefit-seeker-public "you" and the carefree-friendly "you". You need to adapt a lot of communication...
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    Is very well knon that the music is the scential part of the mankind, but since the very moment that we decided to. Create music.forget music every kind of art, is something that you actually identify with, for example i play bass and piano, the reson why is becouse both seems more to me the...
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    This music speaks to me, and so too the name of the band. I am like a hungry ghost. A hungry being desperate to absorb experiences yet unable to ever appreciate them fully enough to gain satiation. Because I am always living at one remove, in my head, observing and analyzing the experience...
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    Hi there I have a problem that I'm hoping some more mature INFJ's will be able to help me with. I'm male, 17 (18 in June) and in my final year of school. I'm planning on going to university next year but I'm torn between what to do. My passion in life is to become an Author and I would enjoy...
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    I don't know who else to really go to when it comes to matter that no one seems to be interested in or relate to. For the past year after graduating high school my life has been as boring as... no it has just been boring. I have tried to keep myself busy but that is easier said than done. I have...
1-6 of 6 Results