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  1. [ISTP] Embrace or Fight ISTP Nature?

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    Essentially I'm trying to get advice on how you guys solve the problems in your life that are directly related to or caused by the weaknesses within our personality type? Do you leave the system that is forcing the conflicts in the first place? Or do you use your knowledge and understanding of...
  2. What are essential life skills? Do they lead to happiness?

    Education & Career Talk
    Do you think you have them? You do? So are you living the life you always wanted? Well... let's discuss. CV/Resumé writing, "Networking", Team Work, "Management", Leadership/Influence, "Critical Decision Making", Critical/Analytical Thinking, "Creativity", Conscientiousness, Organisation/Time...
  3. Am I the Only Ancient Person on Here?

    Perhaps that's a little self-serving. Draw you in, get your attention. Based on most of the postings I've read so far, I'm "iNtuiting" a very young group of subscribers, probably students, going through self-discovery, dealing with the angst of moving from adolescence into adulthood. While...