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  1. Intro
    Hi! Bless you for clicking this thread! My stats: INFJ Ennegram 9w1 sx/sp Trans & Gender neutral, pronouns: they/them A bit lonely; needs friends who share interests (see below) Master mood-based playlist-maker On-and-off artist trying to start a career in concept illustration (finally)...
  2. Blog
    Looking for someone to understand my thoughts and feelings so well that they can summarize it for me. I love psychology, music, movies, art, dance, people. I just love life to be honest Get to know me :D
  3. Intro
    Hi! As you probably guess I am new here and I'm gathering all of my courage to write this. My name is Weronika and i live in Poland. I am a huge introvert and overthinker, but if there is anyone who wants to talk with me about anything I would really love it ^^ My interests are art, psychology...
  4. Intro
    Hi, I am Philip Crichton. I am 15 and on summer break right now. I am here to meet people from whom I can learn and grow; with whom I can become friends and have fun. I am a 3w2 level 1-2 ENTP and I hope to travel around the circle this summer. I am cool with sharing my number because I love...
  5. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I don't know if I have it, but it sure seems like it. My sleeps been on a different schedule ever since I can remember. I've always been up to long, slept too short, and woke up too late. I'm just not sure what to do about it. I tried trying to see if it was a common thing for INFJ's to have...
1-5 of 5 Results