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  1. Socionics Forum
    I’ve read that the delta quadra as a whole is the quadra that doesn’t follow “the majority rule” but this is only true of the IEE and the SLI (to a lesser degree), the LSE and EII are actually quite the conformists who generally speaking rely on group consensus, reputation and word of mouth to...
  2. Socionics Forum
    Hmm, I haven't seen a food thread around here, which is bizarre considering I as a Si dom love to cook and to eat. We should have a food thread, maybe share some delicious recipes? Idk if there is anything more relaxing in this world than cooking. Man I want to build this thing..
  3. Socionics Forum
    Purpose 1: Find out the person's type Purpose 2: Provide data to support basic socionics Purpose 3: Provide data to develop future hypotheticals What is your MBTI? What is your Enneagram? If you have an opinion, what do you think is your Socionics type? For all different situations...
1-3 of 3 Results