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    Greetings my fellow Type 5's (and fellow lurkers). Let's get right to it.. How are you Type 5's coping with COVID-19? Has this unknown variable affected or bothered you at all? Has it caused you any stress ? Has it changed your state of Mind? Are the Surviving or Thriving in Lockdown ...
  2. Intro
    Hello all, I am a former lurker joining today. I have been observing for quite a while, and am happy to introduce myself as your Ghost Rider. I am here to learn and be learned from. Thanks for all the thoughts past, and I look forward to a spirited time on this forum with all of you. -Ghost
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    Well, that is certainly a poor excuse for a subject line. Hello, I'm knightingling. I have been lurking on Personality Cafe for a while and I found the discussions really interesting and engaging. Now, a little introduction. I've always known myself to be an introvert since I was younger...
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    Hello, I am an INFP who has been thoroughly enthralled with personality types, socionics, etc, and I'm super thrilled to finally have made an account in this incredible community. (I am usually a lurker, being too shy to post.) I am currently a student, with interests in poetry, writing...
1-4 of 4 Results