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    How do I make my ENFP happy when he constantly seems super angry and I'm constantly clueless about why? I read that they don't like being angry so they won't admit it and instead end up avoiding and refusing to talk. My type is slow to notice things and he sees them instantly, but for some...
  2. Blog
    The question was asked, "One area of friction between Js and Ps can be neatness/ order in the household. Have you an your husband found this to be an issue? If so, could you please share any hints/ tips of how ENFPs can diminish the friction with their J partners, in this realm?" It's difficult...
  3. Intro
    Hi fellow INTP’s. My discovery this year about my specific personality type has been a bit of a revelation. A positive one. It is a relief to understand that many of my traits and tendencies are at least in part due to how my brain functions and how INTP’s process the world around them...
1-3 of 4 Results