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  1. HELP: How do I admit to my mother that I am agnostic?

    Advice Center
    I was a cradle Catholic. And to this day, my family comprises devoted Roman Catholics who go to church every week. When I am home I go with them to church because they think I, too, am Catholic and want to attend church. Church is starting to make me depressed and stressed out, so how do I tell...
  2. HAARP Program Producing Holograms for Mass Histaria

    Science and Technology
    Does any one know much about this HAARP program and the so called project Blue Beam that the US Government has operating in Alaska?
  3. The Glorious Mass Effect Effect

    Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    [Possible spoilers for a fantastic game franchise. If you haven't played the games yet, run away now! :P] ~~~ The Mass Effect Effect, N. The state of being sucked in to a truly epic, immersive experience known as the Mass Effect Universe for prolonged periods of time, regardless of ones status...