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  1. How attached do you get to material possessions?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    When I started learning about personality types and taking MBTI tests, I wasn't convinced at first whether I'm INFP or INFJ, and one of the articles I was reading said, among other things, INFPs are more past-oriented while INFJs are more future-oriented. While I do often hold onto the past, I...
  2. [INFJ] INFJs - dont you hate it when people blame you for being upset like its your fault?

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    i hate when arrogant , condescending people look at you when you're upset , and instead of being all kind and angelic like " its ok buddy , ill make it ok " they act like arrogant jerks and theyre like " OMG IM SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU , YOU ARE REALLY EVIL FOR BEING UPSET , YOU HAVE TO BE HAPPY...
  3. Which is the most materialistic type???

    Member Polls
    I was searching through PerC for which type is considered the most materialistic, but didn't see much. Which do you think is most obsessed with image, nice things, or a glamorous/ideal lifestyle? I'm aware some types are dreamers that fantasize about this, but I'm most interested in which type...
  4. [ISTP] Your Auxiliary Se

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    I've done a little reading on Se functions and I understand Se users takes in sensory data from the environment and can use that to piece together a picture. Sources also suggest that Se users are very "live in the now" type people, and many profiles suggest Se preference makes an individual...
  5. Superficial Interests - good or bad sign?

    Advice Center
    Back story: I have barely ever owned a damn thing in my life. I was born on a commune and raised by a bunch of hippies, and was surrounded by the notion that materialism is wrong. All my clothes have always been from Salvation Army, and I was never taught how to use makeup or even conditioner...