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  1. MBTI of Skulduggery Pleasant

    Guess the type
    SO! The series is over, the spin off books have been released and I can't find a thread about the Skulduggery Pleasant personality types. Skulduggery Pleasant : ENTP Valkyrie Cain : ISTP* Tanith Low : ESFP/ESTP Ghastly Bespoke : ISFP Erskine Ravel : ENFP Baron Vengeous : ESTJ Kenspeckle...
  2. [ENTJ] Fifty Shades

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    Do you think Christian Grey, from Fifty Shades of Grey, is an ENTJ? Why or why not? To add: If you have an opinion on further characters, these are my opinions: Christian: ENTJ Ana: INFP Kate: ESTJ Elliot: ESTP Mia: ENFP Ethan: ISFJ Taylor: ISTP