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  1. What's my personality type?
    I figured these problems out this week when I really studied the functions, and then I came accross these video's that explain it so coprehensively. A lot of us feel they don't 'fit' in a type for some reason, and the video's might very well shine a light on the reason why. I couldn't find a...
  2. What's my personality type?
    1) What aspect of your personality made you unsure of your type? When I'm around an Extraverts, I usually don't say anything at all, but I talk alot around Introverts. The reason is because I feel that there need to be a "balance" between a talker and a listener. 2) What do you yearn for in...
  3. What's my personality type?
    All right, so I have this coworker who claims he's an INTJ...but for some reason I'm having trouble believing it. So I thought I would ask the experts of PerC to take shot at identifying him. He likes working on projects alone, but he can't stay away from other people for too long. As soon as...
  4. Guess the type
    Let's get started with a few characters and their probable types from the "Ghostbusters" movie... Let's type the "Ghostbusters" GO
  5. Myers Briggs Forum
    Ok, so this is just comparing what activities types gravitate towards. As for myself, I am an ENTP, and during high school I was involved in: Writer's Club Debate (LD) Speech (PO + PR) Spanish Honor Society HOLA (spanish dancing) FCA (fellowship of christian athletes) FFA (future farmers of...
  6. Myers Briggs Forum
    I find that I have difficulties typing other people in a real life. I always think that there's too many exceptions to be certain. How did you guys do that? What makes you certain? Can you give me some examples? .
1-6 of 6 Results