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mental disorders

  1. OCD~Intolerance of uncertainty, compulsive thought loops! How to stop doing this!!!

    General Psychology
    Looking for those who may be familiar with OCD ~ especially compulsive thought loops. Hoping you'll be willing to share what you know, and especially interested in hearing from those who have figured out how to stop doing this. I get stuck in destructive thought/theme loops, and desperately...
  2. When someone is obviously mentally ill, why provoke and antagonize them? Why bully?

    I will never understand why people seem to gang up on or feel compelled to antagonize those who are obviously struggling with mental disorders. What do you hope to accomplish by taunting them? It certainly doesn't help them when you do this? Can't you put aside your disdain long enough to try...
  3. What is your personality type and is it related to a mental disorder?

    im curious if our mental illnesses are related to what personality we are. for instance me and my mother and both ENFP's and have bipolar and depression. my mother also has schizoaffective disorder. wondering if you have any observations, links, thoughts or personal research you'd like to...
  4. Types with more than likely mental disorder

    General Psychology
    INTJ - Narcissistic INTP - Aspergers ENTJ - Negativistic ENTP - Negativistic INFJ - Aspergers INFP - Aspergers ENFJ - High Sensitivity ENFP - ADHD ISTJ - Negativistic ISFJ - Social Anxiety ESTJ - Narcissistic ESFJ - Histrionic ISTP - ADD ISFP - Social Anxiety ESTP - Narcissistic...
  5. Impacts of Decision Making with Respect to Time and Mental Illness

    General Psychology
    Decisions influence actions. People can follow decisions they have made in the past, the present, or future. Past decisions, that determine future course, allow people to function normally when enacted upon. Decisions determined in "every waking moment or present", as well as from...
  6. [ISFJ] ISFJ and mental disorders

    ISFJ Forum - The Nurturers
    Is it possible to have Attention Deficit Disorder and Asperger's if you're an ISFJ? I've read that it's really, really uncommon to have ADD if you're an SJ of any kind, since that flightiness of attention runs counter to the nature of that set of characteristics. And I've also read that because...
  7. [ENTP] Disorders and illnesses

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    So I'm curious, what personality disorders and mental illnesses are ENTP's most prone to? Which ones are they least prone to? I use to be a little paranoid, but I think that's been replaced by sociopathic tendencies (although I do have a high moral code) from dissociative states. I mean, why...
  8. [Enneagram Type 7] Disorders and illnesses

    Type 7 Forum - The Enthusiast
    So I'm curious, what personality disorders and mental illnesses are type 7's most prone to? Which ones are they least prone to? Do you think there's a difference between 7w8 and 7w6 for these 2 questions? I'll go first. I can be a little OCD from time to time and can definitely be...
  9. Personality traits vs disorders vs mental illnesses

    General Psychology
    So this is probably a better place to ask than most. I'm curious as to where the lines between personality traits, personality disorders, and mental illnesses lie. It seems like I have a lot of the traits that are exhibited in antisocial personality disorders (sociopaths), schizoid personality...
  10. Mentally "ill" or just mentally diferent?

    General Psychology
    I need support please-NO MONEY INVOLVED!