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  1. A different world is not built by indifferent people

    The meaning of life is the art of choice.
  2. [INFP] Psychic Abilities

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Does anyone have any psychic abilities or know anyone who does? Please share experiences and NF moments aswell. (Psionics, ESP)
  3. [INFJ] INFJs, Buddhist thought, and "letting go" in general

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hello cafeverse -- I'm curious to see if any other INFJs on here have found mindfulness & unattachment to be a changing force in their lives. I'm also curious to see who else feels like they're straddling this world and the spirit world on a daily basis [and if this has led you to think about...
  4. Creativity and the perception of reality.

    I'v concluded that dark matter is what "feeds" our creative mind. The random sparks of creativity is actualy what our sub-conscious percives that are conscious mind can not see. We live in a univers of light, and due to this are sence of sight governes what we percive as reality The intelligent...
  5. Why God cannot be "beyond" logic

    A common conception of God by contemporary philosophers of religion is that he is a necessary being, meaning he exists in all possible worlds. St. Anselm's formulation of the ontological argument is one of the most famous argument's for the existence of God, and many philosophers since (such as...
  6. My Web of Beliefs: August 2011

    Inspired by the feature of the same name, created by Princeton philosopher Richard Chappell, I've decided to post a "web of beliefs" where I post my current opinions on certain key areas of philosophical inquiry. This will not only give a better picture of my thought for reader, but is also a...
  7. Criticizing the Simulation Argument

    One of the most important philosophical ideas of the 21st century is The Simulation Argument, laid out by Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom. While some might dismiss it as silly, this would be a mistake. It deserves serious consideration. While I won't delve into the in-depth mathematics of the...
  8. Ontology and Continuity in Science: A Brief Defense of Ontic Structural Realism

    Can natural science give us insight into ontology post-Wittgenstein? Can it show us at least some of the things that fundamentally exist? I would argue it does, but for this we need some philosophy of science. The major challenge that scientific realists have had to face in modern history is...
  9. Two Sorts of Existence

    The central questions of ontology are "what sorts of things fundamentally exist?" and "what is it for something to fundamentally exist?" The answer is usually conceived in terms of a sort of "object" that is a building block, such as atoms, or minds/ideas (idealism), etc. I, however, do not...
  10. The Incoherence of Metaphysical Libertarianism

    Abstract In this post I shall demonstrate that the position of metaphysical libertarianism, i.e. classical free will, the sort often assumed in folk philosophy, is logically incoherent. This is important, as it has heretofore been assumed by many (if not all) metaphysical libertarians that the...
  11. [INTJ] Tegmark - "Yeeaa, you know what it is, everything that I do, I do it big."

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists Fill your brains with this. I enjoyed reading it. Really, I'm surprised I didn't come across this sooner. Some of you are probably already familiar with it, but, for those of you who are not, this is a document about cosmology and parallel...
  12. [INTP] Terence McKenna, psychadelics, and the views of Society.

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    First I would like to say that I apologise in advance for asking you all to do some reasearch for this topic. If you do not feel like doing so, that is ok, but I am very interested in , and value all of your opinions. ~Can you bring yourself to respect the views of a psychoactive entheogen...