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  1. [Generation Y] I was born in December 5 of 1994. Am I Millennial/GenY or Generation Z?

    Generation Y Forum
    I often hear how 1995 is the start of Generation Z and while I was technically born in '94 i'm literally right at the f***ing borderline so I am dangerously close to Gen Z territory, the generation of Anti-Social computer nerds who eat Tide pods and have no work ethic. They are the Worst Of...
  2. [Generation Z] When did Millennial Culture End/Gen Z Culture Start?

    Generation Z Forum
    To be honest, I'm not sure if Millennial culture even ended yet but I want to hear when you guys think it did.
  3. [Generation Z] Anyone here have 80s born Millennial parents?

    Generation Z Forum
    The question above. My parents are GenXers, so I'd like to hear what it's like to have Millennial parents.
  4. Millennials Aren't Moving, But Why Are We Surprised

    The Generations
    I recently read an article that looked into the "new data" that millennials aren't moving out of their hometowns. At first, as a millennial, I thought this was terrible. Young people need to move to get the best opportunities, right? They need to see the world, right? Then, I realized the...
  5. Video: Generations Don't Exist! Adam Conover

    The Generations
    Just something I wanted to share to y'all. What do you think?
  6. [Generation Y] What Makes a Great Place to Work for Millennials

    Generation Y Forum
    Since millennials will occupy 75% of the workforce by 2025, I think it's super important for companies to start developing a work culture that millennials will enjoy. I was curious what makes a workplace worth sticking around for millennials?
  7. [Generation Y] Signs You're A Millennial

    Generation Y Forum
    How accurate is this video? And what are some other signs you're a millennial?
  8. [Generation Y] Online 'em or hate 'em?

    Generation Y Forum
    So, I know everyone says Gen Y is a product of the "Digital Age" and that makes brands/advertisers think that the best way to target us is through the Internet. But over the past few years, with promotional content littering my Facebook newsfeed, I find myself becoming more responsive to cool...
  9. [INTJ] Millennials, the Internet, and Narcissism

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    Recent research has suggested that increasing number of Americans (not sure about other nationalities/cultures) born in the 1970s to early 1980s (Generation X) as well as in the 1990s (Millennials) are suffering from an epidemic of narcissism as a consequence of the emphasis placed on...