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mind control

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    Hi, guys. I've had a problem for a couple of months. When you were young(er) did you one day just realized that you understand the way things are, you can find a simple formula for every problem you might ever face, that you can look on the world from the top of your mind? It hit me when I was...
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    Hello everyone, I'm not exactly new. After months of watching you all from the outside; my growing obsession with human behaviour, mind control, hypnosis and showmanship (or even showWOMANship..) made registering almost imperative for me. Now I am aware that this website has flat out nothing...
  4. General Psychology
    I don't know much about ESP except that it's some kind of mind communication and I'm interested to find out more about it. Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas/opinions they'd be willing to share? Articles would be great too. :crazy: And to clarify, I know that ESP falls under pseudo-science and...